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Best Vanity Lighting for Make-up

Make-up is an essential part of looking good but having uneven lighting can ruin it. To apply make-up in the right way one needs to have the best vanity lighting for make-up. The lighting may be fixed in the bathroom or in the dressing table’s mirror, but it has to appropriate and bright. A bright light helps in seeing the application correctly so that the make-up can be applied evenly. It has been said that using a white light is the best thing to put in one’s vanity. Light fixtures have to be set up throughout the bathroom, but it is also important to have lights near the mirror. This helps in judging the application of make-up.

When one is buying light fixtures, often people are given fluorescent lights or rosy lights which aren’t the best light for doing make-up. These lights may make the rooms look good, but they do not provide the perfect picture of the make-up that has been applied. This may lead to over application and caked up make-up. Often vanities also have down lighting which is quite bad. The lights often casts shadows on the face making them look dull. The best light for applying make-up is natural sunlight. To emulate the feel of sunlight LEDs can be used near the mirror. The feel of natural lights helps one in applying the makeup correctly. Also buying bulbs that have the ability to be dimmed is also great. Attaching the fixtures as task lighting is the best way to go. This helps in focusing the light on one’s face on helping them in applying make-up. It can be fixed horizontally above the mirror or can be installed around the mirror. Bulbs with 4100K or more color temperature are the best choice. Below some of the best affordable vanity lights are reviewed but our pick is Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit.


The Best Vanity lights to fix with the mirror:

Bulb Brand Material Color Power Consumption Amazon Rating
Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit Plastic White & Glossy 20 W 4.2   Check Price
Four Light Vanity Strip, Polished Chrome Metal Polished Chrome 40 W 4.1   Check Price
LED Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixtures Long Shade Stainless Steel Stainless Steel 12 W 4.5   Check Price


New Version Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit for Make-up Dressing Table Vanity Set Lighted Mirrors with Dimmer and Power Supply Plugin Lighting Fixture Strip, 10 Bulbs


Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit
Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit

This installation looks like the vintage Hollywood installations (name suggests, duh!) and does the best job of illuminating the face. It can be installed on any mirror in just a few minutes, and one would be ready to use them. The wiring is already done properly; one will only need to peel the back stickers to stick them on the desired surface.


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Features :
  • The bulbs have a sticky pad on their back for attaching to the mirror or wall.
  • The pack comes with 10 bulbs, and they produce a bright glowing light. The bulbs have 6000K temperature which looks like natural sunlight.
  • The length of the fixture is 13.5 ft which is enough to fit on different mirrors.
  • The bulbs can be dimmed to adjust the brightness. A soft touch button is provided with the fixture.
Pros :
  • The color of the bulbs makes it apt for applying make-up. They have the perfect glow to analyze the application.
  • 10 bulbs have an adequate contribution to seeing the make-up. They give off a good amount of light.
  • The bulbs do not need to be changed or installed as they are part of the fixture.
  • The dimming option is great as it helps in altering the brightness.
  • The fixture is very easy to apply to any surface. One will only need to plug it and play.
  • The fixture is super affordable when compared to other similar fixtures.
Cons :
  • There are no cons to the product

The product has been loved by the users because of its helpfulness. One can easily install it on their vanity mirror, and they can have flawless make-up on a daily basis. It is also priced well for its superior quality.



Four Light Vanity Strip, Polished Chrome, 24-Inch, (2 Pack)


Four Light Vanity Strip Polished Chrome
Four Light Vanity Strip Polished Chrome

These are also in the form of a bulb fixture, but in this case, a metal body is provided. These can be installed on the side of the mirror to have a beautiful vanity. The lights are the best task lights that one can have. If someone wants several packs can be ordered to make the mirror pop even more.


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Features :
  • The pack has two fixtures with 4 bulb holders each.
  • The frame that comes is a polished chrome frame and has a protective film on it
  • 100 Watt bulbs with G medium base will fit in the frame
Pros :
  • LED white bulbs can be easily fitted to the holders. LED bulbs are the perfect things to use in a vanity as they help in even application of makeup and gives the feel of natural light.
  • The chrome or mirror finish on the metal perfectly matches the mirror giving it a classy feeling.
  • The price point has been kept super affordable. At this price, it looks really good.
  • Eight lights will really make the ambiance bright and presentable.
Cons :
  • Connection and fitting of the wire have to be done by the user or by a mechanic.

These look quite classy after installation. They are priced at an affordable price when compared to similar things that are found. They can easily contend premium light fixtures. A set of 2 is indeed a good investment.



LED Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixtures Long Shade Stainless Steel Bath Mirror Lamps Wall Lights


LED Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixtures Long Shade
LED Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixtures Long Shade

Due to space crunch often the bathroom mirror becomes the vanity. Make-up has to be applied evenly, and in the bathroom this splash proof light is the best thing to have. It can be installed above the mirror or people who like side lighting can install it by the sides of the mirror.




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Features :
  • The dimension of the fixture is Length 15.7 inch*Height 3.3 inch
  • The Bulb used is 8W, and it gives of cool white light of 4500k
  • The material based used is stainless steel, and a mirror gloss finish is given to it, and the housing is of frosted hard acrylic
  • It has IP45 Waterproofing on it
  • The product comes with 3 years warranty
Pros :
  • The light that is produced by the fixture is bright, and it mimics the sunlight.
  • Energy consumed by the fixture is very less, but the light is adequate and bright.
  • The stainless steel and acrylic body makes it durable, and it lasts a long time.
  • The waterproofing makes it an apt fixture for bathrooms, especially for small bathrooms.
Cons :
  • A connecting wire has to be used to utilize it.
  • Dimming is not available.

It is a good budget vanity light for utilizing close to the make-up mirror. It can be used for both ambient lighting and task lightening. Anyone can easily install it by watching the videos available on the internet. It is definitely a good vanity light for people who are under a budget.



Wrap Up

Our pick for Best Vanity Lighting for Make-up is New Version Hollywood Style LED Kit, but all of these options are budgeted that one can always use. If one has a high budget, then they can get special fixtures that are made especially for makeup mirrors. But as a beginner, these are quite good. If proper care is taken of them, they will serve their users for a long time.

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