Decorative Indoor String Lights – Where Else Can You Use Them ?


String Lights & What Extra Situations To Use Them.

Nothing makes a home more inviting than well-placed decorative indoor string lights.

As the Christmas season approaches, you want your home to reflect the beauty in the air. However, it is not just the jolly season that string lights are useful. They are useful for any time of the year, since they add a whimsical feel.

The problem is you may end up using lights that make your home seem like you just entered the North Pole or Antarctica.

The good news is that you will not run out of options when searching for ideas on what to do with the lighting. You also do not need to spend a fortune trying to make your living space beautiful – some of the tips we will give you in this article do not cost much, yet look good.

DIY Lava Lamp

Think to the time you saw a lava lamp. What do you think about them?

They have a sort of artsy feel – in fact, during the 1960s hippie movement; they came to symbolize all things psychedelic as well as counter-cultural. This light however, has managed to survive on the scene for over 50 years, and its everlasting beauty is why we choose it as an idea.

Because they do not emit so much light, they tend to appeal to people who like the darkness – in other words, they set the mood of a room. How do you make them, then?

It simply involves taking a clear empty bottle (could be glass or plastic) and arranging different colours of string lights in it. Set it in a dark room, switch the lights on, and you have your homemade lava lamp!

Adding a touch of glamour to your bedroom

It is not just in the living room or outside your door that these lights can work, because they are more versatile than you think. When you look at it critically, your bedroom likely has many spots that you can place these decorative LED lights. Could be on your walls, under your bed, or above your vanity table.

The overall idea here is they will add a cosy, romantic feel – perfect for those nights when you want nothing more than laze around in bed, even with your significant other. Take advantage of their usefulness and try them soon!

Decorative Indoor String Lights Bedroom
Decorative Indoor String Lights For Bedroom

Use them to say what you mean

Okay, this may sound a little bit cheesy, but you can use decorative lights to say what you mean without stating many words. It adds a special touch, especially when doing something like proposals or telling your significant other how much you treasure them.

In addition, because they are string lights, you can easily arrange them into shapes and letters – which, to be honest, this is a better option than buying and arranging hundreds of bulbs to express some words.

Say what you mean with string lights
Say what you mean with string lights

Add some splendour in your rooms

Nothing screams glamour in a home than beautiful lighting. In fact, any room in your house can work with this tip in mind. You can choose a focal point, maybe above your bed, and decorate it with the night. After this, cover that focal point with some translucent paper and fasten it – or you can use something that will reflect the emitted light very well, such as window blinders. Once you do this, switch them on – you have added beauty in the room without trying so hard!

Add Glamour To Your Rooms With Decorative Indoor String Lights

Use them as chandeliers

When you think of chandeliers, you think of placing them in rooms of rich people’s houses – after all, they look so delicate and expensive.

The good news is you do not have to spend a fortune trying to purchase them. Simply use some string lights to add to this effect. In this case, it will work best for living room bulbs, and you will only need to make some sort of wire mesh to arrange them on, as well as a solid support chain system so that they do not fall.

Once you do this, you have a DIY chandelier that still looks gorgeous, at low cost!

Chandelier Using Only String Lights
Chandelier Using Only String Lights


Use them to display family photos

Have you ever considered using them as memory displays? Well, say hello to new mounting ideas.

Because you can fasten these decorative indoor string lights to walls (either using nails or other fasteners), you can attach your treasured photographs to them and light them up. The result is a sophisticated way of displaying memories – and it looks more interesting than using photo albums.

Display Family Photos With Indoor Decorative String Lights
Display Family Photos With Indoor Decorative String Lights


Say hello to glass lights

This is another beautiful way of using them, apart from DIY chandeliers – in fact; it may be one of our favourite ways of using them. Clear glass tumblers are best for this purpose.

Simply arrange them in different ways – you can even go all out and arrange them in different designs, use different light colours, or make them into different shapes. When you finish, turn the glass tumblers upside down and light the bulbs up.

If the sight that greets you does not remind you of the beauty of the festive season, we do not know what does.

Say Hello To Glass Lights
Say Hello To Glass Lights


Makeshift stars in the bedroom

Kids love anything that makes their rooms stand out, and if you have a little one, they may want to look up at their bedroom ceiling and see stars.

These are very soothing, and make for a very relaxed air, especially when the bedroom lights are off and these string lights remain. You will work with fastenings to attach them to the ceiling – but that is all there is. The result is always stunning and very beautiful to watch.

Pro tip – use different colours of lights, other than white, especially if the room has different wall colours other than white or cream. These will complement the overall mood and make the room more relaxing.

Make Shift Stars With Fancy String Lights
Make Shift Stars With Fancy String Lights

Use them to enhance your child’s play space

We know you want to decorate the entire home with these lights. However, if you have a young one, particularly a toddler, you would want them to have some fun too as they play.

It is easy. You need to keep in mind though, that kids may want to remove the lights or damage them, so ensure that you fasten them away from your child’s reach. You can arrange them all over the play space, or at the entrance. You child will find them fascinating enough, particularly when they are covered under sheets of different colours. They also look inviting, and your child will not get bored so quickly after seeing the beauty of the space (win-win for both of you).

Lighten Up Child Play Space


Decorating shells from the beach

When you go off on beach holidays with your family, you may pick up some shells – yes, they are very fascinating to look at. Go a step further and decorate them with string lights – they naturally pick up and reflect the light very well, and it makes for an amazing sight. A better suggestion is fixing the light bulbs in them, arrange different shells along the string, and light them up.

Seashells With Series Lights
Seashells With Series Lights


Brighten up dark corners

In every home, there are those house corners where there is nothing much going on. You might even find cobwebs resting on these corners!

Do yourself a favour and brighten them up. Better yet, use old tools to support the decorative lights. For instance, taking an old ladder you do not use anymore. Arrange the lights on the tool and switch them on. Not only do they brighten up the place, they also add some beauty to the area and encourage you to stash some items there and give it some life.

Light Up Dark Places
Light Up Dark Places


Brightening narrow hall spaces

If your home has narrow corners and hallways (which is a feature of many homes), there is no need to leave these corners dull and dreary. Fasten some string lights on the walls and watch the place come to life. Even if you have some extra furniture in the space, you can use it in conjunction with the lights to make new and appealing designs, such as arranging them around a bookshelf.

Hallways are not so dark anymore
Hallways are not so dark anymore


Use them in conjunction with Ping-Pong balls for parties

Many party hosts like using ping pong balls in any party form – be it birthdays, weddings, graduation parties, or office parties. For this suggestion, take it a step further. Do not simply use the balls as they are, but add some visual interest by inserting multi-coloured lights in them.

When you combine these two, it looks like the traditional Christmas balls with some lighting, and never fails to impress your guests. It is very easy to insert the lights.

Take each Ping-Pong ball and mark it on two opposite ends where the string will pass through. After marking these points, use a sharp, thin object, such as a sharp pencil, and pierce the marked ends to leave holes in them. After this stage, insert the lights (make sure the hole is big enough for the bulb to insert, but not too large that it falls off). Make sure the strings are accessible the whole time from both ends, because you will insert several Ping-Pong balls.

Repeat this process with the other balls, and then arrange them on your walls during parties – it always makes for a beautiful and interesting sight.

Indoor String Lights With Ping Pong Balls
Indoor String Lights With Ping Pong Balls


Use them to create floral wreaths and enhance flower arrangements

Keeping in line with their versatility in use, you can use them to create some interesting flower wreath arrangements, or even add some visual interest to flower arrangements and make them more beautiful.

This of course, requires some prior arrangement of the framework. In the case of the wreath, you can use a pre-made metallic arrangement and insert the string lights in it. Go all out and arrange them in interesting patterns – the limit is your imagination.

In the case of the flowers, it will work best if you place them in a clear glass vase. Arrange the lights in alternating patterns with the flowers. Switch the display on, and you end up with a beautiful yet sophisticated floral design!

Decorative Lights With Flower Vase
Decorative Lights With Flower Vase


Final thoughts

You may have been surprised to find that these lights are quite versatile in their use. This is mostly because they use strings, and the bulbs are small. They lend themselves well to variety, so do not just use them during Christmas. The only thing that may limit you in how you utilize them is your creativity.

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