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While reading books, you need an adequate amount of lighting. Therefore, looking for the best floor lamps for reading is quite necessary. To enjoy your book in a cozy atmosphere can only be possible if you get a light source, handy enough beside you. With floor lamps, you can create an amazing surrounding to enjoy a good read. Once you use a perfect light for reading, it will keep your eyes free from too much strain and make your sight healthy. When it comes about the kids, you are more concern about their eyesight. They have to read late night, especially during exams. Installing such a light can take care of your kids’ eyes and doesn’t hamper their vision.

There are certain things you need to decide before buying the perfect reading light. The first thing you need to consider is the light of the room to know how much light you will be needing while reading a book. If you are a late reader and prefer to read at night after lights out, you should go for a reading light that is bright enough and quite ambient too. On the other hand, if there is enough light in your room, you should adjust the brightness of the reading light while reading. This will give you a bit of extra brightness which is really good for your eyesight. If you already have vision problems, like cataract or even, you have spectacles, the brighter space is, reading will be more fun. Now, there are lots of floor lamps for reading available in the market. You will get confused if you don’t check out the reviews beforehand. Product reviews always help users to find the best quality floor lamp for reading. Here are best three products you can check out and buy but our Best Pick is the one highlighted in blue.


The Best Vanity lights to fix with the mirror:

Bulb Brand Material Dimmable Power Consumption Amazon Rating
Swiftrans Lavish Home Sunlight LED Floor Light Painted Iron Yes 5 W 3.8   Check Price
Dawson Antique Brass 55 1/2″ High Pharmacy Floor Lamp Antique Brass Yes 60 W 4.6   Check Price
Arbor Glen 71″ Torchiere Floor Lamp Painted Iron No 100 W 4.2   Check Price


1. LED Floor Lamp, Swiftrans Lavish Home Sunlight LED Floor Light, Stepless Touch Control, 360 Degree Fully Adjustable Neck 5.9 Feet-Black


Swiftrans Lavish Home Sunlight LED Floor Light
Swiftrans Lavish Home Sunlight LED Floor Light

While talking about the best floor reading light at favorable prices, this will definitely be on the top of the list. With amazing features, this light not only makes your reading quite easy, but also enhances the aesthetic value of your house with its amazing look. If you are planning to buy this lamp, know the essential features.


Check Price









Features :
  • This is a full spectrum light that comes with a 6000-Kelvin color temperature. It is quite effective to make you inclined to your book until you reach the end. For minute craftwork, this is the best light to work. As it comes with pivoting gooseneck, you can adjust it according to your movement. The heavy bas prevent tipping no matter where and how you move the neck.
  • There is a touch sensor in this lamp which is used to adjust brightness from 0% to 100%. The memory function helps you to propagate the brightness level from the last time when you switched it off at a certain brightness level.
  • If you are looking for a model that is cost-effective with important features, this is available at only $29.99. Painted in black, this simple reading light can be installed at bedroom, living room, kids’ room and areas like that.
  • The longevity of the LED light will make you happy as it lasts almost 20 years and you don’t need to change it in between.
Pros :
  • If you are concerned about the price, this is the best product you can buy at cheap rate.
  • The brightness control setting is provided to help you to read, browse and relax.
  • It is also effective in saving on electric bills as the LED bulbs consume less power.
  • The memory function of this lamp helps you to get the exact brightness where you have switched it off.
Cons :
  • There are certain complaints against the LED bulbs as it seem dim to many.
  • Customers are not quite happy with the design of the lamp.

Getting such an effective device at low price is quite interesting. Buy now and make your reading experience full of happiness.



2. Dawson Antique Brass 55 1/2″ High Pharmacy Floor Lamp


Dawson Antique Brass 55 High Pharmacy Floor Lamp
Dawson Antique Brass 55 High Pharmacy Floor Lamp

Make your house looking more interesting with enhancing the lightening apparatus now. Buying this floor lamp for reading will be the best choice as it serves its purpose perfectly and is also within your budget. Before buying, knowing the features will be appropriate. Here are the features of this product :


Check Price










Features :
  • The lamp is of 55 ½” high while the base is of 10”. The head of the dome lamp is 5 ¾” wide and 3 ½” high. It comes with 5-foot long cord.
  • The boom arm of this light is 20” from the pole while the counterweight balance arm is around 14”.
  • The standard base bulb is of 60 watts but it is not included. There will be on-off rotary switch on the socket.
  • The boom arm and the lamp head is adjustable. So, you can move it according to your seating arrangement. The metal construction and the antique brass finish will make the floor lamp look amazing and it will also enhance the beauty of your room.
Pros :
  • You won’t have any problem in installing the lamp as it is absolutely easy.
  • Maintaining the LED lamp is quite easy and it is cost-effective too.
  • The touch control panel of the lamp helps you to adjust the amount of light needed for your reading or sewing.
Cons :
  • Though it looks adorable, the plastic joint makes it a bit cheaper.

So, this is definitely one of the best reading light that you can buy within your budget. You can buy it from shops or online. Don’t be late and buy today.



3. Arbor Glen 71″ Torchiere Floor Lamp


Arbor Glen Torchiere Floor Lamp
Arbor Glen Torchiere Floor Lamp

If you are reading in an area where brightness is not enough, you can install this floor reading lamp as it comes with three lights that provide enough brightness. It looks cool and best to keep in your living room or bedroom. A reading experience can be better once you have your favorite author in your hand and read it without flickering light.




Check Price





Features :
  • It comes with three lights to make your reading experience better.
  • The 3-way switching system makes it easy to turn on and off the device.
  • It has incandescent bulb that comes with enough durability.
Pros :
  • There is no more tension of straining your eyes as it will provide enough brightness with three lights.
  • The glass shade looks adorable and also provides enough brightness without flaring your eyes.
  • You don’t need to change the bulbs within short time as those are quite sustainable.
Cons :
  • It can’t be adjustable to your personal choice.

You need a reading light that is bright enough and you can read clearly in this light. Children often read late night, or you may have reading habit at night. Buying this one will be the best choice.


Here are the reviews of best floor lights for reading. You can buy any of these or browse for more. There are several other types you can check out. Buying reading lights is quite beneficial as it makes your reading experience more intense. Now, you don’t need to adjust yourself with the position of the light as you can change the neck of these lights and adjust it with your position. People won’t get disturbed with your reading habit too as you can adjust the brightness level only for your purpose. Buy online and communicate with the seller. Also buy before checking out the reviews.

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