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Even if your home has a beautiful design both inside and out, there is nothing as mood killing as a house having bad lighting. The goal for recessive lights is not only to enhance visibility levels, but also to add mood to your environment. Recessed lights usually come in three parts – the first is the electrical part in the ceiling, which is also called a can light or can. The second is the decorative part you see, also called a trim, while the third component is the bulb.

Layering your light is therefore important – combining recessed lights with other varieties like table lamps and candles adds an inviting atmosphere to your room. This article will give you five lights (Our pick for best recessed lighting for kitchen is Lithonia Light which is highlighted in Blue) that are worth trying out.


Bulb Brand Bulb Lifespan Dim Extent Amazon Rating
Lithonia Light 40,000 hours 10% 4.6   Check Price
Salt Lamp Bulbs 35,000 hours No dimming function 4.7   Check Price
Sunco Recessed Lights 35,000 hours 10% 4.9   Check Price
Hyperikon lights 35,000 hours 20% 4.6   Check Price
Globe Swivel light About 40,000 hours 10% 4.6   Check Price

1. Lithonia WF6 LED 30K Ceiling Light

Lithonia W6 LED 30K Ceiling Light Our Pick for the best recessed lighting for kitchen

This comes in an easy and safe installation due to its slim design that allows for easy fitting, and it only requires 2” ceiling clearance and a 6” ceiling hole to install correctly. It is extremely bright, using 13W for lighting, and it can dim down to 10%.

You can use it with Levitron, Sensor, Luron and Synergy with dimmers, and in addition, it saves your money and time because it lasts up to 16 years when used every day for six hours per day.

  • Easy installation and well made
  • Dims very well and also very bright
  • It has a narrow beam, so you require a few to spread out light in a wide area


2. Salt Lamp Light Bulbs 15W E12

Salt lamp light bulbs

These bulbs do not only light well with Levoit salt lamps, they are also compatible with other salt lamps. They come in packs of six bulbs, and last as long as approximately 3,000 hours. They also apply to the dimmer switch to give you a beautiful looking home every day.



  • They have a beautiful, warm glow that adds a welcoming atmosphere to your room
  • The bulbs are durable and well-built
  • The dimmer switch is slightly difficult to turn on or off


3. Sunco recessed LED Lighting 10-pack

Sunco recessed LED Lighting the light expert

The T24 and the UL LSITED have certified this bulb, so you can trust its high quality. It is airtight as well as IC rated, which means it protects your electrical wiring from overheating. Because it is capable of minimizing condensation within it, it reduces the need for you to call an electrician to do repairs.

  • Easy to install
  • It is safe for all ceilings
  • Has very high quality and is very durable
  • They are very bright
  • The dimming is not very effective, and the light from the bulbs is not crisp


4. Hyperikon LED Light, 6”, 4-pack

Hyperikon 6 Inch LED Downlight

These lights are easily adjustable through their screws, coming in 5” or 6” for your ceiling. It is able to dim down to 20% because of its modern LED dimmers, and comes with a five-year warranty.

  • Easy to install
  • Long lasting and well built
  • You can adjust it easily, depending on your ceiling hole
  • The dimming switch works very well
  • The light glare can be too much unless you dim them down


5. Globe Electric 4” Swivel light

Globe Electric swivel

These bulbs come with an adjustable trim that makes it easy to focus on areas of interest in your kitchen. The bulbs are IC rated when used with LED bulbs, meaning they are safe to use and will not cause your wiring and appliances to overheat. They come with a mounting plate for extra convenience during installation.

  • Strong construction
  • Easy to install
  • Certified for safety
  • They are smaller than most LED lights


Wrap up

Overall, the best-recessed light for your kitchen was a tough one to decide, but we picked the Lithonia Light because of its easy dimming and brightening ability, as well as its sturdy construction.

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