5 Best Low Profile LED Ceiling Lights | Reviews

There are many varieties of ceiling mount lights, but majorities of them are more functional than aesthetic. This article will help you to decide among five flush mount lights that you can use in almost any room of your home (Our pick for best low profile LED ceiling light is Barrina Extended Light which is highlighted in Blue)

    Bulb Brand Average Bulb Life Light Production Power Use Dim Extent Amazon Rating
    GetInDisk Light 50,000 hours (about 4 hours per day) 900 Lumens of soft white light. Uses up to 15W electricity. 10% 4.8   Check Price
    GoodBulb lighting unit 50,000 hours (four hours per day) 4500 Lumens Uses up to 42W electricity. 10% 4.9   Check Price
    LB 72129 flush mount 50,000 hours (about 4 hours per day) 1400 Lumens of cool white light. Uses 20W electricity. Down to 1% 4.7   Check Price
    Barrina extended light 50,000 hours (about 4 hours per day) 4500 Lumens. Using only 45W electricity. 10% 4.9   Check Price
    Brighttech LightPRO 50,000 hours 5000 Lumens Uses about 56W of electricity. 20% 4.9 Check Price

    1. GetInLight Disk Light

    GetInLight Disk Light

    This bulb is one of the best at light distribution among flush mount bulbs due to its contoured polycarbonate diffuser. It illuminates rooms effectively because of its instant-on feature, and you can dim it even with your standard dimmer. The installation is very easy – all you require to do is retrofit it in case of using recessed cans, and if you need extra components, all of them are included in the package.

    Its heat dispersion method utilizes aluminum trim routes, so it guarantees the safety of your components since they do not burn. It also uses an alternating current source of up to 120V. You do not need a traditional LED driver to use this bulb because it is versatile with any application, and it happens to be wet-rated.

    The bulb is buzz free and has an average life of 50,000 hours when you light it for four hours a day. It is ETL-listed and comes with a 5-year warranty as well.

    • Easy to install
    • Has a very bright light that does not glare
    • It is compatible with most ceiling holes
    • It can be challenging to install if your wire gauges do not fit its specifications, though this is not a major issue.

    2. GoodBulb LED Lighting unit, 42W

    GoodBulb LED Lighting unit

    The bulb has set new standards in the lighting sector because it focuses on product quality and innovation.

    These bulbs are highly recognized for their long lifespan – rated at roughly 50,000 hours if you use them for about four hours daily. They have very high efficiency and excellent visibility, along with a 100% money back guarantee if you find they are defective.

    • Very easy to install
    • Convenient – the bulb package comes with a cord that allows to chain the lights together and use one plug as a result
    • Has a very bright light is instantly at full brightness when you switch it on
    • They last very long
    • It lacks options for a flush ceiling mount, so you need to make some adjustment to your ceiling holes in case you want it
    • You cannot replace individual lights – if anything goes wrong, you have to replace the entire fixture


    3. LB72129 flush mount dome light

    LB72129 flush mount dome light

    The bulb has a beautiful oil-rubbed bronze finish to give a sleek contemporary look even in traditional rooms, as well as a frosted acrylic diffuser to spread light to your room evenly. The ceiling dome saves electricity use in your house, since it only consumes less than 40% of your electrical output.

    It utilizes energy-efficient LED technology, and can be used in a variety of rooms such as your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, as well as in offices and other commercial rooms.it is certified by Energy Star and uses about 70 lumens per watt, giving you a bright glow without consuming much energy. It is also safe to use because the US standards for safety have certified it with the ETL qualification; however, it is not suitable in wet locations.

    • It has very good lighting levels, and is easy to dim down
    • Easy to install and use
    • Long lasting bulbs
    • It tends to flicker frequently when in dim light settings
    • The light sometimes gets too bright so you need to dim it down

    4. Barrina 45W extendable light, pack of two

    Barrina 45W Extendable light our best pick for Low Profile LED Ceiling Lights

    This bulb is very easy to install, only requiring a plug-and-play mechanism – it has snap joints you can use to hang it, and then insert the plug to light it up. It gives an output of more than 4500 lumens while using only 45W, which helps you save up to 68% in your electric bills.

    The design is extendable, and you can join up to three lights using connector cords or seamless connectors. It is good for office lighting, garage, and basements as well as in your home, and has a long life of up to 50,000 hourslasting more than ten times compared to conventional lighting.

    • Very bright output
    • Easy to install and light weight
    • Do not buzz, and they instantly light up
    • The connecting cables may be too short, forcing you to extend them

    5. Brightech LightPRO yard light, 56W

    Brightech LightPRO yard light

    This bulb has a very bright outputusing up to 56W, it is very good for security lights, while saving your money on your electric bill. It uses a built-in photocell that self-activates the bulb when dusk fall, and automatically switches of when dawn begins. For durability, a corrosion-resistant aluminum shell encloses it and seals out dust, insects and other elements.

    It instantly lights up on a 120-degree wide angle and requires no “warm-ups”, lasting over 20 years or 50,000 hours. It can also work in extreme weather, and comes with a three-year warranty.

    • Easy to install
    • Very durable
    • Very bright output while retaining energy-saving properties
    • Does not cover a very large area as the light is focused downward
    • Needs further development to use less electricity amounts

    Final Thoughts

    Our top pick for this selection is the Barrina 45W light, as it is lightweight and does not buzz when it light on. In addition, its bright output enables you to use it in multiple settings, and the extend ability makes it very convenient for you to use it.

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